GET A CASHBACK ON SHIPPING for every dollar spent at The Pin Trader since April 2014!

    Send us an email at with the subject line "Free Shipping", and your full name in the body of the email, and receive a discount code valid for 1% off shipping for each dollar spent on The Pin Trader to date!

    If you spent 54$, you'll get 54% off shipping - ordered over 100$ of pins? 100% OFF SHIPPING!

    This email needs to be sent to us anytime before 4 PM, EST on December 1st 2014. Discount is valid ONLY during December 1st, but can be obtained in advance. Only money spent on pins is eligible, freight fees are excluded from the total. You will receive a discount code to use at checkout.




    All discounts, once unlocked, will remain in place until midnight EST, December 2nd 2014. Every day, new discounts will be unlocked on and available until stock runs out or until the last day of this promotion, whichever comes first.


    November 27th: Many pins are discounted already - take a look to see which ones!

    November 28th: Staff pins and Behemoth pins will receive a discount that can go up to 60% off!

    November 29th: All MTG pins will receive a discount that can go up to 50% off!

    November 30th: Many more PAX exclusive pins will receive a discount that can go up to 40% off!


    To look up our discounts, either browse our pins, or look up our Black Friday collection.

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