• PAX South 2015 Activities

    Fellow pins enthusiasts, The FIRST PAX South is upon us already, and we are super excited to be part of it! The Pin Trader is going to PAX South 2015 for the first time as a Panelist, and we're also sending our Pin Harvesters to gather as many pins as possible for those who can't make it. Here is our activity schedule for the weekend. - Pinny Arcade Pin Trading 101 - Are you tantalized by lanyards full of pins you see all around? Are you an collector of Pinny Arcade, or would like to become one, and want to know everything there is to know about the hobby? Join Francois Jacques (CEO of The Pin Trader), along with John Serpico (Financial Analyst), Justin Calero (Hobby Store Manager) and Peter Jones of the PinnyPals podcast. We will cover information sources on new releases, trading channels, and insider information to help you better barter for your pins! Panel is at 4:00 PM, Friday, at the Bobcat Theatre. Take part in this first ever Pinny Arcade panel at PAX! Prizes will be given at random to attendees. - HUGE Blind Bag Trading; A return of a 2014 favorite of the public, but a MUCH, MUCH BIGGER BAG! Look for our Pin Harvesters in the convention crowd, and you might be able to try your luck! In exchange for ANY one Pinny Arcade pin (really, any!), you can draw a random pin from our grab bag which contains all sorts of pins, including a few rare ones! Dump your duplicates and maybe you'll get something cool - if not, you're still leaving with a pin! Limited to two per day per person. - Daily Pin updates; At least once a day, probably more often, we'll add to our online inventory the pins we've just harvested. That way you can look at any time during the weekend to purchase that pin as soon as we've acquired it, to be certain to get it first! Also, we'll be sporadically posting on Facebook and Twitter pictures of memorable Pin moments. Whether you are watching the events from home, or living the PAX experience with us, follow us to get the most recent Pinny Arcade news. If you are attending PAX, be sure to come say hi to our guys! Happy PAX!
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