About Us

We are a Montreal based company who buys, sells and trades Pinny Arcade pins from Penny Arcade acquired during PAX and from individuals.

Our staff benefits from years of experience in buying and selling collectibles, and have been selling Pinny Arcade pins since their inception in March 2013.

The owner of The Pin Trader is better known as the first person to have sold the ultra rare DLC Kickstarter Pinny Arcade pin, setting a standard for the market of the pins, and clearly proving the long term value of the exclusive and rare pins.

It has been an ongoing project to open this store since PAX East 2013, and the project would finally come to reality in April 2014, right after PAX East 2014, the fourth worldwide event to feature Pinny Arcade pins. We did our very best to acquire the most rare pins we could in those 3 days, and we hope that whether you could make it to PAX or not, you will be able to complete your collection with the help of The Pin Trader.

We also offer the opportunity for you to sell pins to us, a feature which allows you to either trade your extra pins for those you would like to get, or to turn some pins into extra cash. We offer a very quick and simple method to sell us your pins. Please visit the WE BUY section at the top of the store to take a look at our Buylist - who knows, you might have hundreds of dollars without knowing it!


Although Penny Arcade Inc. allows The Pin Trader to use the pictures, names and designs of Pinny Arcade for promotional purposes, The Pin Trader is in no way affiliated with Penny Arcade Inc. All Pinny Arcade trademarks are Copyrighted and property of Penny Arcade Inc.