Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about doing business with us! Please, contact us by email if you can't find an answer to your questions!


Q. Is it required to open a customer account to purchase at The Pin Trader? Why would I create an account?

A. It is not mandatory to create an account in order to do business with us, no. However, it is highly useful, as doing so will allow you to track your order status, fill your billing address automatically on next orders, and view your order history. All those features require you to have a customer account. Remember all your personal information is safely encrypted on our website, and we promise not to sell that information to anyone, or to use it to send you stuff you didn't agree to (Who does that anyway, besides jerks?).


Q. How is shipping calculated?

A. The shipping fees varies according to your order total. The reason for this is that past a certain point, your order needs to be sent in a safer, trackable shipping method to make sure it reaches your hands, especially if detained at the customs. Small orders are almost never detained, and should reach you without any problem, so tracking isn't necessary on them. This is really to allow for flexible fees; paying 12$ shipping for a 25$ order doesn't really make sense, and shipping without tracking your 100$ order also doesn't make much sense.


Q. The selling prices are in USD. Aren't you a Canadian company? Can I pay in CAD?

A. We switched from CAD to USD in May 2014 because most of our customers are located in the USA, and are used to comparing prices in USD. It is unfair for those customers to have to pay for the exchange rate of their credit card issuers, and we've also adjusted all our selling prices at the time of the migration to USD prices to be lower, to reflect the original prices.


Q. If I live in USA, and order from The Pin Trader, won't my order cross the borders and be subject to applicable customs and duty fees?

A. Yes and no. The US Customs agency will determine if you need to pay taxes and duty on your order. However, there are certain rules when importing from Canada to USA. First, all orders under 200$ CAD don't get taxed when going to the USA, as the personal exemption is 200.00 USD$ for American citizens. Pins will have their declared value equal to the retail price of the pins on the market, most being around 7.50$ CAD. Packages with such small values most often don't get charged any taxes or duty fees, but it still might be. Any order over 200$ CAD will need to have their declared value adjusted depending on the individual pins, so this is on a case by case basis. If you want more details on this before you place your order, we will be glad to assist you. Remember all importation charges, including duty, brokerage or taxes, are the responsibility of the customer. But, on the bright side, that means you don't have to pay for your local tax rate when you order, so you might save in some cases, and lose in others. This is entirely up to the customs agents who will inspect your package, we've seen some crazy huge orders not even charged 1$.


Q. Can I have a shipping address different than my billing address?

A. Your billing address and your shipping address have to match, as this is the number 1 method of making sure no one makes any transaction with your credit card, were you to lose it or have it stolen. The Pin Trader will not allow customers with disparate billing and shipping addresses, but we are willing to listen to your special requests if you have a unique circumstance. In that case, communicate with us prior to ordering, and we will try to arrange something with you.